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Companies staff up

Your dream candidate is just around the corner.

We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach cannot possibly address each of the openings in most companies today.  It only makes sense to build a search and recruitment strategy that specifically targets each organizations's unique situation. 


We also realize that organizations have a different levels of internal capabilities when it comes to making their critical hires, so we offer flexible, scalable solutions that work in conjunction with their current resources: Solutions that are tailored to meet our clients's current needs.

Stop fielding applications and start meeting qualified candidates. Orbital can help.


If you're looking for top talent, contact us here:

The right recruiters are a valuable asset for finding top talent.  You turn to recruiters when:

  • You want to turn over every rock to make sure you find and hire the best person whether the person is active looking for a new position or not

  • You need very specific industry or technical expertise

  • You want to hire people out of certain companies but don't have the relationships with these individuals to reach them directly

  • You want to recruit someone from a competitor and prefer to have a middleman do it for you

  • The cost of allowing a position to go unfilled exceeds the cost of paying a recruiters fee

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